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The Almighty has given a "free will" to all Humans & has sent guidance & laws through Prophet (s),for us to make correct choices. Thus we lead a life in obedience to Our Creators revealed Will, for perfecting our soul & obtaining Eternal Rewards.

Detailed Laws (Topic wise index) /Shariah or Fiqh regulate all aspects of Life in Islam, what we eat, Marriage ,Transact & in Death & the Acts of worship i.e.Daily Prayers, Fasting, Khums etc.including conditions for Enjoining Good(Amr bil Maroof) 

The Islamic Laws are derived from Quran & Traditions (Hadith), by Scholars (Ulamaa)  under an advance Hawza study system for Jurisprudence.

Following (Taqlid) a Most learned Contemporary Expert for Fiqh /Laws as derived by him is hence logical & obligatory.

The scholars, past & present with exemplary lives, have been responsible to transmit pristine Islam as taught by Ahlulbayt(as) for 1400 years.

Beneficial Children/Youth Madressa content & the Question & Answer sites are linked

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