Become Knowledgeable in what is permitted and forbidden(Halal and haram) lest you be among the ignorant - Imam Sadiq(as) in Bihar Al Anwar

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God has given a "free will" to all Humans. HE has sent guidance & laws through Prophet (s).
are required to recognise them and be obedient to them, out of free choice.
In this way we fulfill the purpose of life, worship, elevate our soul to obtain salvation I Etemal Rewards.

Laws/Shariah/Fiqh(Topicwise index) regulate ALL aspects of Life in Islam

Eg.Eating, Marriage ,Transacting & in Death
Daily Prayers, Fasting, Khums ,Conditions for Enjoining Good
(Amr bil Maroof

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The Islamic Laws are derived from Quran & Traditions (Hadith),

by Scholars (Ulamaa) leading exemplary lives, using Principles n Process under an intense Hawza study system forJurisprudence.

Consequently Following (Taqlid) a Most learned Contemporary Expert for Fiqh Laws is logical & obligatory

The Companions of infalliable Ahlulbayt(as) and subsequently Scholars, have compiled /transmitted Hadith and pristine Islam for over 1400 years.

Use Madressa/lslamic courses content & the Question & Answer sites to learn (beta)

'NahjulBalagha advises obedience | Obedience in Sahifa sajjadia I Ahadaith on 'Laws' I - fiqh Q fatima E books  
After the Ghaiba (Occultation) of our 12th Imam (a.s.), it is our Ulema and religious scholars  who have kept the bright light of Islam glowing in the face of darkness and jahiliya (ignorance)     A Small Prayer