AHADITHs on Laws


The Holy Prophet [s] said: "There will come a time for people that: they will not respect their scholars except for their
good clothing; they will not hearken to the Qur'an except for the pleasant voice; & they will not worship Allah
except for during the fasting month; there will be no shyness in their women, no patience in their poor ones;
& no prosperity for their rich ones, they will not be contented with a small (portion), & they will not be
satiated with abundance. They will strive (only) for their stomach; their religion is their money
(wealth); their women are their Qiblah (direction of worship); & their homes are their
mosques; theyrun away from their scholars just as lambs run away from wolves.
Then, when they become like that, the Lord will afflict them with three
conditions. At first, He takes the prosperity from their
properties. The second is that a cruel ruler will dominate them. The third is that they will
pass away from this world without having (true) Faith."
(Waqayi'-ul-'Ayyam, p. 439)

Sitting an hour in a learned gathering is better in the eyes of God than a thousand nights in each of which a thousand prayers are performed, & better than engaging in battle for the sake of God on thousand occasions, or better than reciting the whole of the Quran twelve thousand times, or better than a whole year of worship during which one fasts on all days & spends the nights in prayer. If one leaves one's house with the intention of gaining knowledge, for every step that he takes, God shall bestow upon him the reward reserved for a prophet, & the reward accorded to a thousand martyrs of [the Battle of] Badr. & for every word that he hears or writes, a city shall be set aside for him in paradise
.. Jami’ al-Sa’adat (The Collector of Felicities).