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Congregational Prayers

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Guidelines for Imam and the follower

1489. If there is only one male follower, it is Mustahab that he stands at the right hand side of Imam, and if there is only one female follower, she will stand in the same direction, but slightly behind so that when she goes to Sajdah, her head is in line with Imam's knees.
If there is one male, and one or more females in the congregation, the male will position himself to the right of Imam, and the females will all stand behind Imam. When there are many men and one or many women in the congregation, men will stand behind Imam, and women will stand behind the male followers.

1490. If Imam and the followers are both women, the obligatory precaution is that all of them should stand in a line, and the Imam should not stand in front of others.

1491. It is Mustahab that the Imam positions himself in the middle of the line, and the learned and pious persons occupy the first row.

1492. It is Mustahab that the rows of the congregation are properly arranged, and that there be no gap between the persons standing in one row; all standing shoulder to shoulder.

1493. It is Mustahab that after the Qadqa matis salah' has been pronounced, the followers should rise.

1494. It is Mustahab that the Imam of the congregation should take into account the condition of those followers who may be infirm or weaker, and should not prolong qunut, Ruku and Sajdah, except when he knows that the people following him are so inclined.

1495. It is Mustahab that while reciting Surah al-Hamd and the other Surah, and the Zikr loudly, the Imam of the congregation makes his voice audible. But care must be taken to see that the voice is not abnormally loud.

1496. If Imam realises in Ruku, that a person who has just arrived wants to join him, it is Mustahab that he prolongs the Ruku twice over. He should then stand up, even if he may realise that another person has also arrived to join.