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Sweat of an animal who persistently eats Najasat

117. The perspiration of a camel which eats najasat, and the perspiration of every animal which is habituated to eat najasat, is najis.

118. The perspiration of a person who enters the state of Janabat by haraam act is Pak, but on the basis of recommended precaution, Namaz should not be offered with that sweat. Similarly sexual intercourse with the wife in her menses, knowingly , will be considered as Janabat by haraam act.

119. If a person has sexual intercourse with his wife at a time when it is forbidden, like, in the month of Ramadhan during fasting, his perspiration will not be classified with the perspiration of those who become Mujnib by haraam act.

120. If a person in Janabat by haraam act does tayammum instead of Ghusl, and perspires after performing tayammum, his perspiration will be governed by the same rules which applied to his perspiration before the tayammum.

121. If a person becomes Mujnib by haraam act, and then engages in lawful sexual intercourse with his wife, the recommended precaution for him is that he should not offer prayers with his perspiration. But if he has lawful sexual intercourse in th e first instance, and then commits the haraam act, his perspiration will not be treated as the perspiration of a person who has become Mujnib by haraam act.