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Kurr water

16. Water, which fills a container whose length, breadth and depth are three and half spans each, is equal to a Kurr. Based on this, the volume of water will be 42.875 cubic span, though 36 cubic span is enough. To determine KURR by weight is not fre e from Ishkal.

17. If essential Najasat like urine, blood, or anything which has become najis, like a najis cloth, falls in Kurr Water and if the water acquires the smell, colour, or taste of that najasat, it becomes najis; but if it does not, then it is not najis.

18. If the smell, colour, or taste of Kurr water changes owing to something else, which is not najis, it does not become najis.

19. If an essential najasat like blood etc. reaches water which is more than a Kurr, and changes the smell, colour, or taste of a part of it, if the unchanged part is less than a Kurr, the entire water becomes najis. But if the unchanged part is one Kurr or more, then only that part which has changed will be najis.

20. If water of a spring is connected to Kurr, the water of the spring will make najis water Pak. But if it falls on the najis water drop by drop, it will not make it Pak, except when something is placed over the spring, so that before the drops are form ed, it connects the najis water. Better still, if the water of the spring is totally merged with the najis water.

21. If a najis object is washed under a tap which is connected with Kurr, and if water which flows from that object remains connected with Kurr, and does not contain the smell, colour, or taste of the najasat or essential najasat, that water will be Pak.

22. If a part of Kurr water freezes to ice, leaving a quantity which is not equal to a Kurr, and then najasat reaches it, it will become najis, and water obtained from the melting ice also will be najis.

23. If the quantity of water was equal to a Kurr and later on, if someone doubts whether it has reduced to less than a Kurr, it will be treated to be equal to a Kurr, i.e. it will make a najis object Pak, and will not become najis if najasat reaches it. A nd if water was less than a Kurr, and one suspects that it may have become equal to a Kurr, it will be treated as under-Kurr water.

24. There are two ways of establishing that the quantity of water is equal to a Kurr: