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Under-Kurr Water

25. Under-Kurr water means water which does not spring forth from the earth, and its quantity is less than a Kurr.

26. If under-Kurr water is poured on something which is najis, or if a najis thing contacts it, it becomes najis. But, if such water is poured with force on a najis object, only that part which contacts it will be najis, and the water which has not reach ed the najis object, will be Pak.

27. Under-Kurr water which is poured over a najis object to remove the essential najasat will be najis, as it flows after the contact. Similarly, the under-Kurr water which is poured over a najis thing to wash it after the essential najasat has been removed, will be najis, as an obligatory precaution.

28. The water with which the outlets of urine and stool are washed, does not make anything najis, subject to the following five conditions: