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Things which are Makrooh for Junub

362. The following nine things are Makrooh for junub:

  1. To eat

  2. To drink. But if the junub washes his or her face, hands and mouth, then eating or drinking in that state will not be Makrooh. And if he or she washes the hands only, then unworthiness of the acts is reduced.

  3. To recite more than seven verses of the holy Qur'an other than those in which obligatory Sajdah occur.

  4. To touch the cover, the margin or border of the holy Qur'an or the space between its lines, with any part of one's body.

  5. To keep the holy Qur'an with oneself.

  6. To sleep. But its would not be Makrooh to sleep if the person concerned performs wudhu or performs tayammum instead of Ghusl on account of non-availability of water.

  7. To dye one's hair with henna etc

  8. To apply oil on one's body.

  9. To have sexual intercourse after Ihtelam (i.e. discharge of semen during sleep).