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Set no (1). Press the link for the answer. 

1) While fasting we see food lying and saliva gathers in our mouth. Can we swallow the saliva. 24 sec    
2) Our fast does not become void if we eat or drink by mistake, but people make this mistake, be careful.1 min  
3) We have cold/flu, can we take steam while fasting 50 sec  
4) What is the rule about fasting for a woman who is pregnant 2 min  
5) If we brush our teeth our gums become void, will it make our fast void 1 min

Set no (2). Press the link for the answer. 

6) Is the fast of a woman who does not observe proper hijab void. 32 sec 
 7) Does the use of lipstick/makeup make the fast void 40 sec 
 8) A girl has turned 9 and become baligh,  but she is too weak to fast. What should she do 3 min  
9) We are in doubt whether the time of sehri has finished or not. Can we continue to eat. 2 min  
10) Can we use mouth wash or mouth freshner while fasting.

Set no (3). Press the link for the answer.

11) What is the rule of fasting if we have fever 2 min  
12) Can a woman take medicine which would enable her to fast the whole month of Ramadan  40 sec 
13) Can we take insulin while fasting 55 sec  
14) Can we swish water in our mouth while fasting 4 min 
15) Can we use inhaler while fasting in Ramadan. 1 min