Ruling Re -Unequal Gift /Wealth distribution to Children during lifetime 

Case 1. .Giving such gift /wealth will create ‘Fasad’ strife .Fights & Family problems

In this case it is ‘Haram’ to give unequally.


Case 2. There is no fear of any ‘Fasad’ and one of the children say is; more obedient, or has better akhlaq, or is more knowledgeable etc.

In this case it is Mustahab to give more to that child.


Case 3 There is no fear of ‘fasad’ and there is no special characteristic of the child to whom the Gift /wealth is given, then

In this case it is Makrooh to discriminate between children, when gifting.


Source : Shaikh Ehsan Sadiq in Friday Khutba 8 Nov 2019 at Masjid Rasool Azam Muscat