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 Rules regarding purchase & sale 

 Mustahab acts

 Makrooh transactions

 Haraam transactions

 Conditions of a seller & a buyer

 Commodity & what is obtained in exchange

 Formula of purchase & sale

 Purchase & sale of fruits

 Cash & Credit

 Conditions for contract by advance payment

 Laws regarding advance payment contract

 sale of gold & silver against gold & silver

 When one has a right to cancel a transaction

 Miscellaneous rules

 Laws of partnership

 Orders regarding compromise

 Rules regarding lease/rent

 Conditions regarding the property given on lease

 Utilization of the property given on lease

 Miscellaneous rules relating to lease/rent

 Rules regarding Ju'ala (payment of reward)

 Rules regarding Muzari'ah

 Rules regarding Musaqat & Mugharisa

 Rules of deposal or discretion over one's own property

 Rules regarding agency (wakalat)

 Rules regarding debt or loan

 Rules regarding Hawala (transferring the debts etc)

 Rules regarding mortgage (rahn)

 Rules regarding Surety (zamanat)

 Rules regarding personal guarantee for bail

 Rules regarding deposit or custody or trust

 Rules regarding borrowing lending (Ariyat)