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Rules of Namaz


 Obligatory Namaz

 Obligatory daily Namaz

 Time for Zuhr & Asr prayers


 Time for Maghrib & Isha prayers

 Time for Fajr prayers

 Rules regarding Namaz times

 The prayers which should be performed in sequence

 Mustahab prayers

 Daily nafilah prayers

 Ghufayla prayers

 Rules of Qibla

 Conversing the body in prayers

 Condition for dress worm during prayers

 Place where namaz should be prayed

 Mustahab places for offering prayers

 Places where offering prayers is Makrooh

 Rules regarding a mosque

 Adhan and Iqamah

 Obligatory acts relating to Namaz


 Takbiratul Ehram

 Qiyam (to stand)




 Things on which Sajdah is allowed

 The Mustahab & Makrooh things in Sajdah

 Obligatory Sajdahs in the Holy Quran


 Salam in the prayers

 Tartib (sequence)

 Muwalat (maintenance of succession)


 Translation of prayers